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Leon Wikus Smalberger VIEW FULL DETAIL (Login Required)

Entrepreneur, Civil Lecturer, Engineer Person   Availability : 1 Week    Province : Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal

I grew up on a dairy farm, in a small farm town called Sannieshof in the North West.

  • When i moved to Pretoria, i quickly developed a passion for entrepeneurship that led me into education

Cheslyne Eugene Snyders VIEW FULL DETAIL (Login Required)

Autocad Draughtman Person   Availability : Immediate    Province : Johannesburg, Gauteng

I am highly motivated and an independent worker. I am creative and intelligent. I am able to work both in a team as well as independently. I am well spoken in both English and Afrikaans, with excellent communication skills. I’m also willing to communicate verbally and in writing with all le...

Joshua Coetser VIEW FULL DETAIL (Login Required)

Junior Draughtsman Person   Availability : Immediate    Province : Other, Mpumalanga

I am a dedicated person who is optimistic and enthusiastic. I have an extreme passion for the designing and construction field. I love working with revit, autoCAD, inventor and structural advance because it helps me portrait the picture i have in my mind.I Have a logical understanding about Archi...

Jolene Botha VIEW FULL DETAIL (Login Required)

Person   Availability : 1 Calendar Month    Province : Pretoria, Gauteng

My organized nature and personable attitude make me a great candidate for any position.

I have a very adept analytical mind and I am able to negotiate cost effective agreements with sub-contractors and suppliers that can add to a projects bottom line. I take ownership of tasks quickly ,...

Emily Moodley VIEW FULL DETAIL (Login Required)

Person   Availability :    Province : ,