Faculty Staff

Faan Schoeman   Mark Leo   Luis Camera
Education: Diploma in Civil Engineering; Diploma in Higher Education (Technical); National Certificate in MDDOP N4/N5

About: I have been in the Academic Industry since 1978. I’ve always been involved in the related industries to keep up to the industrial development requirements
  Education: National N6 Certificate in Mechanical & Electrical Engineering; National Certificate in MDDOP N4/N5

About: I have a passion for electrical and alternative energy sources. I have been involved in a lot of research and development thereof.
  Education: National Certificate in Mechanical Draughting

About: I specialise in the mechanical and piping field. I have a passion for technology and he latest trends. I also have interest in Autodesk software and is an Autodesk Professional User/Trainer.
Marinda Viljoen   Marius Botha   Joseph Katerere
Education: Honours Bachelor of Education; National Certificate in MDDOP N4/N5

About: I love board based drawings. So my passions are General and Pictorial Draughting. I enjoy working with students that want to learn and are willing to give their 110% for their future. It gives me hope for the future to see young people who want to better themselves and get a good qualification.

Education: National Certificate in MDDOP N4/N5

About: I have a passion for technical Draughting and would like to grow others in this field.  I also have an interest in 3D design and modelling

  Education: N6 Diploma in Education; National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering

About: Passionate about mechanical since 1996.  I have also been hands on involved in the mechanical field where I worked in the manufacturing industry in England.  Thereafter I got involved in the education thereof.