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Conditions and Undertakings

I/we the undersigned hereby confirm that I/we am/are bound by the fees and tariffs in respect of services rendered by Draughting Academy

  1. The payment for services rendered remains the ultimate responsibility of the undersigned.

  2. Interest at 15.5% per annum will be charged on overdue accounts.

  3. Accounts must be settled within 8 days of statement.  Overdue accounts (30 days or more) will be handed over for   collection without prior notice. This action will be for the discretion of the Draughting Academy.

  4. The undersigned undertakes to furnish the Draughting Academy with the new particulars in the event of change in the personal particulars as provided above within 3 days from date of change.

  5. Though confidentiality will be adhered to at all times, I/we hereby irrevocably and in the sole discretion of Draughting Academy authorize disclosure of my credit records to such person or instances to who it from time to time be necessary to enforce and or protect any right or obligation of myself and/or Draughting Academy.

  6. On cancellation before the close of registration, 10% of the deposit (R350) will be held back for administration fees.  On Cancellation after close of registration, the R3500-00 will be held back.  Should you cancel the course within the first 50% of the course, 50% of the course fees will be charged; after you completed more than 50% of the course, 70% of the course fees will be charged on cancellation.

  7. Should you want to move to a different study method and you are in the first 50% of the course then the invoice will be updated with the new fee and a transfer fee of 10% will be charged.  If you have completed more than 50% of the course a fee of 20% will be charged.

  8. Should you want to move to the next intake there will be a fee of 10%  that will be charged.

  9. In the event that you do not want to do the full course but only selected subjects, it will be at a charge of R3000.00 per subject which excludes your external exam fees.

  10. I/we hereby choose the domicilium citandi et executandi for all purposes arising out of the services rendered and/or this agreement the home address stipulated above in the event of any action being instituted against me/us as for recovery of any fees, interest and cost.

  11. I agree to pay all or any legal costs incurred including all or any ancillary charges or expenses relating thereto, including attorney and own client costs, collection commission at 10%, tracing fees and bank charges incurred by any representatives of Draughting Academy.

  12. I/we confirm that this agreement is in a plain and understandable language as well as in the language of my choice.


Academic Procedures and Policies

Assignment Instructions

1. All assignments must be done on paper, electronic drawings or in word and submitted in PDF format.
2. The name of file containing your assignment must be as follows-your initials and surname followed by assignment code e.g. RSCHMIDT_ACAD3D

3. Please ensure that your First Name, Surname, Student Number, the Assignment Code and total number of pages appear on the front cover of your assignment.
4. The following must appear in the title block of each drawing:
     a. Initials and Surname
     b. Date
     c. Assignment code
     d. Sheet Number

5 Assignments must be submitted ONLINE ONLY by way of the ‘Assignment Submission’ link in Student Portal. No other form of submission will be accepted.

6. Assignments may not be submitted via email or hardcopy.

7. We recommend that you start this assignment as soon as possible. You will then get a good idea of the subject content early on in your studies.

8. This assignment must be submitted on time based on the policies and procedures set out by the academy. Any late entries will be considered as a non-submission and will be given a mark of 0%.

9. Assignments will be marked and returned within 2-3 weeks after the assignment due date. This will be done via the student portal.


Question Answering and Mark Allocation

1. Each question will have its allocated mark next to it. Please refer to each assignments instructions for details.

2. Marking is based not only on the answer but particularly on the steps taken to get to the answer. It is imperative to include these steps in your submitted assignment. Please refer to your detailed instructions on each assignment for more information.


Taking Exams

1. Each student will be required to register for the exam he would like to take.

2. For exam entry, each student must maintain an average mark of between 50% and 60% or higher to be allow entry into the exams.

3. If the minimum for the subject was not met, the student can re-submit their assignments before the exam registration date to improve their term marks.


Getting Help

1. All questions to lecturers must be posted on the student portal.

2. Questions will be responded to within 24 hours